Knee Mill Specifications
For more than 70 years, the Bridgeport Series I Standard Mill - the original, all-purpose mill - has been the "real thing" in milling, drilling, and boring for metalworking shops throughout the world. Today, the Series I Standard continues to fulfill the industry's need for an accurate, reliable, and versatile mill.

The Series I Standard features an innovative airflow cooling design that uses no external fans to prolong bearing life and prevent expansion from heat build-up. Its hand-scraped ways and precision-ground ram and turret ensure long-lasting reliability and performance. A full range of accessories are available, including optional chrome-plated ways and gibs to ensure that the machine will last a lifetime.

The Series I Standard is built by Hardinge Inc. in our factory in Elmira, New York. Hardinge is the only authorized provider of Bridgeport knee mills, parts and service.

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Table travel (X-Axis):
36" (914 mm)
Saddle Travel (Y-Axis):
12" (305 mm)
Quill Travel:
5" (127 mm)
Knee Travel (Z-Axis):
16" (406 mm)
Ram Travel:
12" (305 mm)
Throat Distance (Min.):
18.75" (476 mm)
Throat Distance (Max.):
6.75" (171 mm)
49 x 9" (1219 x 229 mm)
T Slot center distance:
3 @ 2.5" (64 mm) centers
T-Slot Size:
0.625" (16 mm)
Height Above Floor (Max.):
47.25" (1200 mm)
Weight of Workpiece (Max.):
750 lb (340 kg)
Spindle (2J Head)
Power Rating 30 min. Duty Cycle:
3 hp (2.2 kW)
Power Rating Continuous:
2 hp (1.5 kW)
R-8 Collets
Drilling Capacity
Power Quill Feed 3:
3/4" Dia. (19 mm)
Manual Drilling Capacity:
3/4" (19 mm) Mild Steel
Boring Range:
6" (152 mm) Mild Steel
Spindle Diameter:
1.875 in (48 mm)
Quill Diameter:
3.375" (86 mm)
Speed Range
High (Infinitely Variable):
500-4200 rpm
60 - 500 rpm
Power Quill Feed:
0.0015"/rev (0.038 mm)
Manual Adjust:
0.003"/rev (0.076 mm)
0.006"/rev (0.152 mm)
Floor Space:
8.3 x 5.3 ft (2.53 x 1.6 m)
Machine height:
7.04 ft (2.15 m)
Mass of Machine:
1950 lb (885 kg)
2095 lb (950 kg) (Shipping)

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